International Event Support

Arranging resources for any major event can be a challenge. Add ‘international’ and this can add a whole new dimension.


Stay focussed on the international aspect and this is when apio’s expertise comes into play as your international event expert.

What does ‘international’ mean?

It could be that you are organising events outside the UK; new venues and different challenges. Or it could be that your event is in the UK but has an international audience.


Either way, you’ll need to consider how you’ll communicate with your non-English speaking colleges.

On-site event management

By comprehensive support we mean exactly this. You’ll find our friendly, efficient team on-site every day of your event, making sure everything is running smoothly.
But our involvement starts well-ahead of your event. We’ll be there from day one to assist and advise.

Extending your management team

apio provides a management resource that can be called upon to deliver as much, or as little as you need.
apio will be your expert partner, ensuring that your pre-event promotions and communications are expertly adapted and delivered in every language that you’ll need, that the right interpreters are recruited, and the right equipment provisioned.
And on the big day, we’ll be there to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

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